Need a meeting intervention?
Need a meeting intervention?
Meetings do not have to drain your will to live! Meetings can be efficient, useful, and fun when done correctly. We can help you and your team find meeting nirvana.
Right now we have a free tool to view your personal meeting stats. We also have a tool in a closed beta aimed at helping companies with their meetings. If you are interested in working with us let us know.
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- Thanks, Ben and Jeremy
...that meeting...the one where your will to live is challenged on a weekly basis. The one where all the color seeps out of your vision and your eyes feel heavy with sleep. The one you shouldn’t even be in, but someone said you have to be who doesn’t even know what your job is. Now you can quantify that pain with statistics.
Meetings are super valuable, but they can also be a waste of time. Too often they get out of control and became a waste of time.
We want to help people and organizations identify the problem so they can hopefully improve it! Plus it makes for some pretty cool stats!